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Moving meter to outside

moving meter outside aprox 15 meters from fuse box have I got to have armoured cable linking them or can tails still be used

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if the meter tails are straight from the suppliers fuse or isolation switch yes you will need protection, protection can be of various types not just armoured how ever this depends on he route you will be taking and what you are supplying, this also depends on what type of system you have ie. TT TNS TNC-S this can get complex and you should contact your supplier you may need to have a new entry point as is over 3 meters and then there is the question of Earth to enable continuity of protection ie Earth loop impedence. hope this helps Nigel


Answered 8th Dec 2015

Tails can only be run over more than 3 metres if protected by an isolation switch at meter, however this is a job that can only be done by an electrician, and would be extremely dangerous to attempt yourself, you need to consult a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you further after looking at your specific needs. Personally it sounds like you will want an armored cable run from board to meter and joined to tails via a metal bs88 fuse carrier and isolation switch consumer unit, using appropriately sized cable and fuse, allowing for an voltage drop that may be incurred.

Lazlo Beesley


Answered 8th Dec 2015

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