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Soffits, fascia boards, capping, what are we talking about here?

I have an end of terrace property, what problems could I be facing with this and any idea roughly how much it would cost?

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You should have no problems if you get a good fitter to do full replacement. Terraced and end terrace are the easiest to do as there is only one gable or hip. No one will give you a real guarantee on capping work, if it goes wrong they wont come back and take it off, you cant really be sure that the rafter ends are in good condition because you cant see them through timber.

If you nail plastic and rainwater goods to the original timber what you are infact doing is creating a heavier missile for when it drops off especially with the winter conditions we have. I won't cover timber because i trully believe its bad practice, timber warps,the loft is the hottest place in the house and timber sweats and when someone nails a bit of plastic to it then that is what it will do.
I could write an essay on how it should be done correctly for you but the only advice i can give you is dont cap, total waste of money, if they turn up with only a ladder to do the work then pull the plug, to do a full replacement you have to remove the first 2 rows of tiles to take the weight off and only a crazy man would run up and down a ladder to do this and at some point you would find him folded up on the floor.


Answered 3rd Oct 2011

when youn talk about capping it is overlaying the existing wooden facia boards with a p.v.c. facia usually about 9mm thick. this is generally ok if the boards underneath are sound and is a cheaper alternative to full replacement

full replacement is removing the old facia completelly and replacing with a full facia board usually 18mm thick .

or full replacement with wood,this is the most costly option as they will then need painted

advantages of p.v.c. is no need for painting

the cost will vary depending on which part of the country you live in

hope this is of help alex


Answered 26th Sep 2011

do you need them replaced or painted. replaced in timber or pvc?


Answered 26th Sep 2011

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