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Re-felt a conservatory flat roof?

Hi there,

I have just bought my first house! well in 4 weeks i will.

The house i bought have a conservatory on it but its a flat roof and is 35 years old.

At present i dont have the money to get a roofer in as the felt on the roof needs re done asap (as a leek in the corner where it joins the house has started).

The plan is to do it myslef! i hope.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what materials i would need?

Plan so far is to strip the roof back to its bare wood, check the structure and beams. them lay new felt on using a blow touch and get a new seal for the section that joins to the house wall.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for what materials i need, as in underlay or even what type of felt to buy.


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Hi, first thing you should buy is a fire extinquisher! Please dont start messing around with a blow torch on your roof. Why does everyone think roofing is easy? If you are short of money, get a tarpaulin and try to make it watertight until you can afford to get it done professionally. It is false economy to do it yourself because, i guarantee, you will need to get it done properly sooner rather than later.



Answered 26th Sep 2011

I totally agree with domestic roofing and building.a novice on a roof with a blow torch is asking for trouble.i have been in the building trade for nearly 20 years and wouldnt even consider it.i always user a roofer.even if you manage to do some kind of felt replacement,i guarantee it will leak worse than it does now.take his advice!


Answered 27th Sep 2011

As the others have said, torch on is a specialist job and we pay extra premiums for our insurance, so get a good roofer in with the relavant insurance.
If you want to do the roof yourself, then fit new 18mm osb strand board and a epdm rubber roof on, no naked flames.
You can get all the diy kit to do it yourself, if you used a trained and registered installer you would get a 20yr gaurantee.


Answered 1st Oct 2011

Leave it alone mate.Save up and have it done professionally.Pay once,get it done right and the work should be guaranteed.


Answered 26th Sep 2011

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