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Water pump won't stop after boiler stopped, and boiler malfunction


I have a santon premier plus PP210B unvented indirect cylinder up at 2nd floor in conjunction with a POTTERTON PROMAX 15 SL boiler placed down in the kitchen, and experience the following problems:

1) During summer time when we only need shower, everything works perfectly.
2) Once we turn the heating on during winter time, we get the following:
a) The water pump (SurePump SP65/130) that sits just close to the Santon cylinder won't stop spinning once the boiler downstairs stops burning gas.
b) Sometimes, the Potterson shows the lower-right LED (visible after detaching the magnetic lower cap) becomes blinking red, and the boiler won't start burning.
c) A shutdown from the switch found close to the Potterson control panel for a couple of hours, puts the system back in function. The system will “recover” or start working normally sometimes if the reset (from the lower-right side of the boiler) button is pressed. When the pump does not stop working, I noticed that @ the reset button, there are visible the normal green LED but also a blinking red LED light … reseting it or power cycling the boiler will get rid of the red blinking light.

Does anyone have a guess of what might cause the above symptoms?


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get an engineer please.


Answered 7th Jan 2016

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