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Ceiling light turns itself off


When we moved house i inherited a sputnik style ceiling light in our dining room, model number BQ02531966 (i assume therefore from B&Q, though they dont appear to stock it any more!).

We recently had the room decorated and i intended to replace the switch with a dimmer. When i did, the light started flickering like crazy; i thought it might be the dimmer itself so replaced it, but still the same issue. I gave up eventually and reinstalled the normal switch.

Problem is, now the light will turn itself off after ~15 seconds. It'll then come back on after about another 15 seconds, then off, then on, etc...

I took the housing off today and discovered that the earth wire was not connected. Its a bit awkward to connect as it is slightly shorter than the live/neutral cables and keeps coming loose (im not sure if this was bodged during the redecoration work). Could that be the culprit? If not, any ideas what could be causing this? Could the dimmer have caused a problem with the transformer?

Additionally, the light is adjustable (vertically) so can be raised or lowered above the table. I cant work out how to adjust it downwards though; it seems to be a one way adjustment, which seems odd - anyone know how to release it?


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If the light fitting has a transformer inside then the on/off problem could be a fault with the transformer.

The best way to tell if the fitting has a transformer is to check the light bulbs to see if they are 12v.

Hope this helps !


Answered 27th May 2016

I suspect the issue that you had with your dimmer was purely due to your lamp (light bulb) not being dimmable, some won't work with dimmer switches. As for the on and off issue, it's not something that I've come across before in all honesty, but it will in all likelihood be something minor.

As for the cpc (Earth) being disconnected, if the exterior of the light is metal, it MUST be connected to earth. And the adjustment should be easy enough to fiddle with as well.


Answered 5th Dec 2015

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