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Fuse box keeps blowing

I came home to find my timer for heating/water not working so I changed the fuse and it came back on my the fuse blew again and in turn tripped the main fuse box it did this twice till the 3rd fuse didn't go or trip the main box but now every time I turn my timer on again it is still tripping the main fuse box but not the fuse next to timer?? Plz help

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Probably a job for a heating engineer as is probably faulty boiler PCB/ pump/Motorised valve.


Answered 3rd Dec 2015

Fuses rupture for a reason what that reason is can not be determined from here. Suggest you call in an Electrician.


Answered 3rd Dec 2015

More than likely the fan or pump gone on the boiler.


Answered 3rd Dec 2015

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