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Cctv cable / wiring


Can someone please help.
I have CCTV wires hidden under floor boards (now carpet on top) which run from under stair cupboard to outside front door where the camera is. I fitted the camera onto the outside wire connection and connected everything like dvr, monitor etc, but the outside connections of the wire don't work, they are the red and yellow connections. i think they are damaged due to rain as there is some rust on them. i tried getting rid of the rust but still doesn't work. as the wires run under stairs i cant change the wire! i tried the camera with different set of wires and camera works, so its definitely the outside connections.

Can anyone help on how to get the outside connections to work?


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Have you tried using a balon? The rust won't make that much of a difference just try to clean it off.
Is it power and video or just video on the cable?

If it's just video then try yellow in + first off and red in -
If that doesn't work then try the other way round


Answered 2nd Dec 2015

Use a multimeter at the camera end to check the voltage on the cable, there is either no power or the voltage is too low to power the camera, a TDR or similar equipment could check if there is a break in the cable, depending on the cable type you could use the other pairs that might not have damage to run the power and video. It will be the power but one trick is to hold your hand over the camera and if the LED's light up then power is going to the camera.


Answered 7th Oct 2017

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