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I would like to put tiles on my kitchen floor,subfloor is i need to contact a builder before tiler.?

I would like to put tiles on my kitchen floor but the subfloor is uneven due to water penetration some years ago.I had a new kitchen put in over 2 years ago and the joiners said they would be able level it out and ran laminate flooring from the lounge through to the kitchen.and fitted the kitchen on top.the floor was still uneven,does the kitchen have to come out to rectify this?
Its a first floor sandstone flat renovated 25 years ago and the subfloor is a type of square board not floorboards.

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The boarding you are talking about is called weyrock flooring,it's actually chipboard and sounds like from the water penetration the flooring has swelled and warped.It's not as bad as it sounds,you need to take off kitchen plinth and pull up laminate flooring just to the back of where plinth was fitted so as not to disturb your units.Cut out area which was affected and replace as per,then if you are tiling put down some 4-6mm plywood to leave an even surface to lay your floor tiles.
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Answered 7th Mar 2011

To get to the route of the problem would say that the kitchen would have to be removed and the laminate taken up to investigate. You say square board, i`m presuming chipboard? Chipboard can warp over the years and may need replacing. If you get this replaced make sure whoever does the job uses the "green" chipboard (moisture resistant)



Answered 3rd Mar 2011

it all depends on how bad the area is that needs tiling. You will need to lay plywood boarding on top of your existing floor as this will reduce movement allowing the tiles to be fixed correctly. Most floor tilers will carry out this work so if you ask a good one to come and look at your floor to give you a price he or she will let you know if the floor is ok. They will be honest with you because if they have not got a good base to work on the tiling will crack and not adhere properly and they will have to come back time and again to repair it. This site should help you find the right tiler for you.
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Answered 3rd Mar 2011

I would suggest having the tiler have a look at the floor first. They should know how much leveling they can handle. If they cant do it a joiner should be able to straighten the floor by strapping to the joists. This would be possible without removing the cabinets even if its not easy. The legs from the cabinets can adjust up or down to meet the new level. The end panels would have to be removed & recut though. Not an easy job but not impossible withthe kitchen in place. It may be that they could just level the area that is to be tiled and leave the cabinets alone.

If its just from water penetration in the chipboard flooring then just replacing the chipboard will fix it.


Graham Higgs


Answered 4th Mar 2011

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