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Adding spur from kitchen to lounge

Hi all,

Moved the tv to the other side of the room though we havent got an outlet on that side. There is a little storage room behind it which shares a wall with the kitchen which conveniently has a socket on the same wall on the other side (no water or gas on that side of the kitchen, 2m clearance to water).
Essentially want to create a spur (bottom floor shares the same fuse, RCDed) from there to the lounge by running the cable along the storage room wall using a plastic conduit and feeding into the lounge.

1) as im not adding a new circuit do i need a to inform bco?
2) is it ok to feed cable through wall into plastic trunking ok? Thought perhaps better to have a termination point on the wall where the cable comes out of the wall
3) as the cable isnt concealed can i run the conduit just above the skirting board?
4) cheers in advance - appreciate your time and thought

Kind regards,

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1)No 2)Yes 3)Yes
Though not mandatory to have minor works such as this done by a registered electrician I would always recommend it.


Answered 30th Nov 2015

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