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Noisy felt on guttering

hi there, I moved into a new build house a year ago and noticed a very loud flapping noise at night when it was windy. So loud I could hear it throughout the house. I spoke to the builder who said it was whatever kind of felt he had used on the guttering, you could actually see it flapping when looking up at it outside. He initially said there was nothing he could do as the felt was needed to protect the guttering but after being persistent with him he agreed to try and stick it down with some sort of glue. He did this but just outside my bedroom and not around the whole house. I could still hear the flapping but maybe not as loudly and now a year later is it as loud as ever if not worse. I am still trying to get the builder to sort it out as I don't want another winter of sleepless nights. He is saying now that he will come *sometime* and fix it and that he might just have to cut the felt off. This worries me as he initially told me the felt was needed to protect the guttering. Can anyone please tell me if this is the case and if not what is the best way to fix this?


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Never heard that one the felt is there for reason any water gets through roof tiles it runs out on the felt in the gutter they prob have to much felt over hang in gutter . Either trim it back or seal it down with a good masticK.


Answered 30th Jan 2016

Hi i,ve never really heard of felt making so much noise, neither have i heard of its to protect the gutter, felt is used in the UK really as an insulation, its a big misconception that its there to stop water ingress, if this was true why would we need to tile or slate the roof?. the felt should be aprox 20mm shorter than the tile/slate its under, sticking it down would only mean if you should change the gutter in later years the felt would be stuck to it, with the property being a new build should the builder not have used a rigid eaves vent at the bottom, this is what the local council state in our area,
it would be OK to trim the felt back to just shy of the tiles/slate, with no real consequence, hope this helps.


Answered 28th Nov 2015

It is not needed to protect the guttering!

It will eventually perish and fall away. It only diverts any potential water bypassing the tiles (say if one was cracked) and diverts it into the gutters. You could cut it off at the eaves if it is a real issue or get somebody to install eaves protectors, these will do the job the felt is there for but without the noise.


Answered 28th Nov 2015

It’s not rely common for felt to be flapping as you said. Maybe when the felt is installed they left too much over hand into the gutter. I would maybe suggest either cutting the overhang felt and install some eve support trays. They are a plastic material that is 1.5 meter lenth that slides under the first run of tiles and lips into the guttering. You will definitely have no flapping noises if they are installed.


Answered 16th Jul 2020

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