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Nest with underfloor heating

Is it possible to replace the room thermostats on a JG Speedfit Underfloor heating system with NEST thermostats or something similar? I have a central control unit and 4 room controls for the system that locally control the zones of the underfloor heating system.

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As Nest Certified Professionals we have fitted Nest Thermostats to Underfloor heating previously. One Nest/Heatlink Pair is required per zone or per existing room thermostat. So you must have enough space near the junction box of the underfloor heating to accomodate the Heatlinks.

The alternatives is to use Honeywell Evohome range or JG Speedfit Aura range of controls. These would require the current junction box to be replaced with the Wireless enabled versions.

There are many other solutions available with internet connectivity.


Answered 7th Jan 2016

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