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What is the best way to introduce glazing into an existing small flat roof extension?

Our kitchen has a small flat roof extension, which was probably constructed in the early to mid 1980s. It measures 11' on the side opening to the kitchen and it extends 6' out. The existing roof does not leak and is covered in felt and tar. We are about to refurbish the kitchen, and would like to get more light into it by glazing some or all of this flat roof area. We are considering the following options:

1. Insert skylights into existing flat roof
2. Remove existing flat roof and replace with fully glazed sloping roof
3. Remove existing flat roof and replace with part glazed sloping roof

This is a Victorian house in London. We have had a couple of builders come by, but they have said VERY different things. We don't want anything that looks like plastic - all our existing windows are white painted wooden sashes.

What sorts of costs would be involved with these options? How likely are they to leak? How long should this sort of job take? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Thanks so much for advice on option 3 - Any idea how long that would take to do? Is this something builders would do in winter?

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The best option would be No.3 Change to sloping tiled roof with some Velux windows installed. If built correctly this shouldn't leak for 30 years or more.
The worst option is No1. Flat roofs are always prone to leaking.
It's hard to cost not having seen the property but a very rough cost would be £6-£8k.
Remember, you will have to put in a Building Regs application which ever method is chosen.


Answered 26th Sep 2011

I agree with mg build services option 3 is your best solution for long term peace of mind

personally we do more roofing work in the winter than in the summer

as for time scale without looking at the actual job it is dificult to say exactly how long it would take but if you allow 3-5 weeks that should be enough of a time scale

as for building reg application generally as long as the application is in if you give tham 24hrs notice of the job starting you can start the job straight away.

hope this is of help


Answered 27th Sep 2011

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