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2 way switchig problems

Hi I am helping a friend and looking for some guidance, he has 2 way switching controlling 2 lights between up and downstairs hall also at the bottom of the stairs he has a 2 gang switch (hall 2 way and 1 gang controlling a wall light by the front door)
He would like all 3 light to be switched using only 2 switches, all the switches were disconnected for plastering, it’s been like this for some considerable time now, and the installation is not standard, and after some investigating.
Bottom switch 2 x twin & earth 1 x 3 core and earth (1st T&E phase and neutral 2nd T&E switch wire and neutral wall light and the 3 core is a pair of strappers and a neutral )
Top switch 1 x 3 core and 1 x twin & earth (3 core is a pair of strappers and a neutral , the T&E is a switch wire and neutral connecting both hall lights )
Tried a few combinations hooking up the bottom switch without and success, I think we need an additional 1 core between both switches to make it work?

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This description is really hard to follow. First thing you have neglected to mention is has it ever worked properly? If so, unless there is cable damage you don't need any extra cables. What you need to do is get a registered electrician to configure the cables correctly. Unless there are other issues it will be sorted out in an hour or two.


Answered 27th Nov 2015

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