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Boiler leak at around 2 bar

I have an Ideal Isar Combi Boiler. It leaks water from inside the unit at around 2 bar.
The manual says it has a max working pressure of 2.5 bar, so I don't think it should be the PRV. However, a company called Avon Ruby have said the expansion vessel needs replacing and that is causing a build up in pressure and the PRV is releasing water due to this.
They are charging £573 to change the vessel. But I'm just not sure if their diagnosis is correct. In fact, according to the manufacturers manual, the PRV shouldn't be passing water at 2.0 bar. Also that the expansion from 1.0 bar to 2.0 bar isn't particularly extreme.
The engineer didn't seem too confident himself. Would anyone agree that it may be something else and nothing to do with the expansion vessel?

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Did they try and refill the expansion vessel or is it because the vessel is leaking?

If you refill it there is a good chance you won't need to replace it, I've heard of a lot of companies that recommend replacement when its probably repairable.

The PRV in the boiler is a 3bar Pressure Relief Valve meaning when the boiler pressure goes above 3bar it will reduce the pressure.

2.0 bar is not high and a typical working pressure.

It sounds expensive too


Answered 26th Nov 2015

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