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How should a bathroom extract fan be wired to operate correctly?

Had a new extension completed in early Autumn and meeting builder next week to review job and agree snagging.

One issue that I've just noticed is the operation of the newly formed bathroom extract fan ( basic model with no timer/humidstat). Currently this is switched on/off by using high level isolator switch at door height ( hardly convenient ). I assumed this would be operated on/off by the light switch as all the other extractors around my home are.

Is this current set up correct or complying with building standards.

Any advice welcome


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All the extract fan must have a separate isolator switch. The only purpose for this is to switch off the fan to replace the extract fan or check fault. However, the extractor fan must come on while you switched on the lights. If it's not coming on by switching the lights on. The wire from light to fan is incorrect.


Answered 24th Nov 2015

Does the bathroom have a window if it does the fan is ok but its normal practice to have a separate switch next to the light switch or switching on/off with the light.
I would hope you are in possession of the necessary installation certificate and compliance certificate. Both are mandatory.


Answered 24th Nov 2015

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