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Where to locate my water mains (shut-off valve)

I need a tradesman to replace my old shower unit. I can not find the main water shut-off valve. There is no water metre and valve outside the house and I can not find it inside.

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soryy but the water board do not offer a free service for turning your mains off.
Any decent plumber will freeze your incoming supply and install a new stopcock and point of entry to your house.


Answered 27th Sep 2011

There should be a valve outside but it could be buried or a distance from your home.
Once I had a stopcock half a mile from house.
I used water board tracing service to find it, its free.
Good luck
PS a decent plumber wouldn't want you out of pocket when the water board might not turn supply off for free but will locate externall stopcock for free!


Answered 1st Oct 2011

You need to contact the Water Board who provide your water and advise them that you cannot locate your mains stop cock on the road and can they come and locate it for you as you need to turn water off to property. This service is free and if you want to make it urgent pretend you have a leak inside the house that you cannot repair until you are able to turn water off.

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Answered 25th Sep 2011

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