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Integrated washine machine socket

I am installing the new integrated washing machine. I checked the size of the cabinet before ordering the machine but I forgot to take into account the plug that will go into socket right behind the machine. When plugged-in, the plug extrudes a bit too much for machine fit. I just need half an inch more to be fitted properly I tried finding a flat plug extensions but couldn't find from internet.
I was thinking to get the socket moved higher to get machine fit. Do I need a certified tradesman to do the job? Any is there any better solution?

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To answer your question, it can be hard wired into a fused/unfused spur. And secondly, while it's preferable to have an above counter isolation switch, it's by no means mandatory, there is no regulation that states that the means to isolate the machine must be accessible either. And the mcb is acceptable as a means of isolation anyway.

The On Site Guide does not contain any regulations, and as the name suggests, is a guide. Please allow electricians to interpret our wiring regulations (BS7671 NOT the on site guide) and listen to builders when it comes to actual building works.


Answered 21st Dec 2015

I would never fit a plug behind an integrated appliance. if a fuse needs replacing it would turn a 2min job into maybe an hour job and if its the only means of local isolation then you are not complying with regs either as its not easily accessible.
EDIT: As all registered electricians know
it states in the on site guide 5.1(c)
Means of isolation should be provided for every item of equipment.
Each devise for switching off for mechanical maintenance must
be installed and durably marked so as to be readily identifiable and convenient for use.
Those are the regs with the section numbers quoted.


Answered 24th Nov 2015

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