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Can an inset bath be fitted like a standard bath?

I hope I'm wrong but I have a horrible feeling the bath I've bought might be the inset type. Not sure how to tell. It has wooden batons under the corners and has been supplied with 2 thick metal rails _/\_ which screw into the incorporated baseboard and then feet which screw into the rails. The new bath is pretty big, so there are no U-shaped cradles like my old bath has. Also, the website I bought it from recommended buying a front panel as an extra (which I did) but I can't see how this fits under it, as there is no lip for it to clip to (wood is in the way, surely?)

There was no mention of the bath being inset on the website, although some other websites I've visited since say that this is how it should be fitted. I have no room around the bath for a flat tiled surround (as it's a 3 walled installation) - is there a way that an inset bath (if it is) can be fitted without the surrounding tiles by attaching a frame to the 3 walls instead or is that just stupid? Help!


***update*** Thanks to all who have answered, much appreciated - as expected, I was just being a typical woman and panicking over nothing ;) there was no such thing as 'inset type' ... plumber was nice enough to pop round and confirm that it can be fitted like any other bath .. happy me!

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Sounds like a normal bath to me. were there no wall fixings? You could fix baton to the wall at height of underside of bath then fix to wall baton to baton on bath.
If in doubt get plumber to take a look.

Answered 25th Sep 2011

Rayhills Heating and Construction

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Hi there, If your new bath is the correct size for your opening, then you could mount it onto wooden batons on the three walls. silicone the bath onto these batons, level it and fill with water, when the silicone is dry the bath should be solid, just use the feet as directed.
As for your panel, it may have a recessed slot on it which will means it slides up in in between your wood rail under the lip of the bath, so don't look for clips that aren't there. You may however need to fix this panel in place once your floor covering is in place. Remember to allow the height of your bath panel and the height of any flooring,so you won't need to cut the bath panel down.

Answered 25th Sep 2011

Pro Finishing Services

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A lot of baths have a baton fitted behind the rim, let your fitter fit it.
(there is usually a plastic bag of clips & screws and a sheet of instructions)

Answered 25th Sep 2011

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

All you have to do is put a 2" x 1" baton around walls to sit edge of bath on and build a frame on the front. Make sure that Baton is level and set at right height for being height of Bath Panel, so that you are not left with a gap at front. After setting the bath edges on the Baton, then you can tighten bath lip to wooden baton.

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Answered 25th Sep 2011

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Member since 9 Sep 2009

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