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Hello guys,

Im recently sort of revamping my room. Not major renovations but mainly just new flooring and changing of furnitures.

Im changing my current granite flooring with vinyl tiles overlaying them. But the problem is with the skirting alongside the walls. My mum is adamant about preserving her precious granite tiles and insists that no hacking or damage is done to them. Is there anyway which i can overlay the skirting to cover them up or any solutions to this, becus granite skirting and vinyl flooring really doesnt match at all to my liking.

Greatly appreciate any advice here.


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What is the thickness of skirting,
Do you like squared edge skirting,

My suggestion would be 22mm thick finished timber and alow 30mm to 50mm above your existing skirting and router out the thickness of it and fix from above.
Hope it helps


Answered 26th Jan 2016

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