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Kitchen and a wife

I have a 6mm cable that currently feeds my hob on a 32amp wife has just got a 20amp double oven...
Allowing for diversity should I put a seperate 2.5 on its own for oven now?

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For domestic cooking appliances allowing for diversity 1/2 appliances can be connected to the same outlet (isolator required to be within 2mtrs) up to a max of 15kw on a 32A circuit.
Please note those of you who disagree its in the on site guide appendix H4 page 184 (yellow). So don't just make it up check your facts and Quote your reference like I do.
Clients ask for facts and deserve the truth.
EDIT: Yes I am aware that 15Kw =15000watts.
I also know how to apply diversification factors as designed.
I also repeat as above my reference to the on site guide which
is required reading for ALL registered domestic electricians.


Answered 22nd Nov 2015

Do you know that 15Kw is 15000 watts?


Answered 20th Nov 2015

I would definitely install a new 20A Radial for the new oven. Christmas Dinner will need a lot of power!!!!!!


Answered 21st Nov 2015

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