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Problem with concrete floor

We have a concrete floor in a living/dining room, with French Doors at one end. The floor is level apart from in the corner at the right-hand side of the French Doors, where it tapers up to a high point. The builders want to use self-leveling compound to fix the problem, but we're worried that will merely move the problem elsewhere, and would prefer them to grind down the concrete instead. Is this the best course of action?

I should also say that we're looking to lay laminate flooring. The depth of the laminate is 8mm (plus about 3mm of underlay = 11mm). The gap at the right-side of the doors is less than 11mm, which is why we favour the grinding option.

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Hi sorry I never received the last paragraph of question . You are correct in asking builders to grind area down or reduce in height


Answered 20th Nov 2015

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