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Do i need drawings/planning permission to move 2 sets of stairs

At the moment we have a loft conversion which we are trying to bring up to regulations. However, the stairs are currently on our landing - so we were thinking of moving the stairs (it's a very odd layout and is currently our landing is an L shape). We have two options either;
a.) we just move the stairs up to the loft so that they are over the stairs to the second floor
b.) we change the direction of the stairs from the ground floor to the first floor and then make the part of the landing and section it off to make the stairs up to the loft self contained.

My question is (after all that) is will we need planning permission to do both of these options and will we need drawings - or can I just get a builder who knows what he's doing to do it?

Any advice would be great!

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if the proposals don't effect the external appearance and the building isn't listed, etc, then you will only need to submit a building regulations application.


Answered 20th Nov 2015

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