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Certification of electrical work

I had an electric heating system installed three years ago. I am selling my flat now and the buyers are asking for a certificate of some kind. I no longer have the contact number for the electricians.What do i need to do??

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You do not need to be registered with a scheme (part p) to carry out EICRs, you just need to be competent. And believe me, membership of a scheme certainly does not guarantee that!


Answered 24th Nov 2015

Hi Jean. Look at this link and see for yourself that it is recommended that testing is done each ten years or change of ownership for domestic properties.

I sold a house in September and I found out that if I had personally claimed that the wiring was new I would have needed to provide the test certificates.
So as the wiring was modern but not a new recent install the house sold without the need of providing those papers.
Each day you use those heaters and each time you clean/dust and look at them you are completing a visual and functional test and inspection.(verification test)
Tell them you have no need whatsoever to have them tested unless they want to pay you £100 to cover it. Or of course you yourself could pay that money out if it gets you the sale.

Kind regards, Nick.


Answered 19th Nov 2015

You need to contact an electrician who is 2391 qualified and holds part P registration, ask them for an ECIR, this covers the entire installation and would be exactly what the buyer is asking for.


Answered 20th Nov 2015

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