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How much should it cost to get a dual fuel range cooker installed?

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Hi, the response from Graham is correct. There are regulations regarding both the electic and gas connections. In particular the position of the gas bayonett service point. Also particular care must be taken as the gas fitting must be positioned so as not to interfere with the back of the appiance or else the cooker may not fit back to the wall. A safety stability bracket / chain must also be fitted.

The installation then checked for gas soundness and the cooker controls and safety devices checked.

In respect of the elctrical connection, the current rating of the cooker will need to be assesed and a decision made as to wheter the existing electrical supply is adequate. If all ok, then a connection can be made via an appropriate connection unit.

Sounds like a tall order ? . . Not really with the right engineer and experience.!!

Adapting the cupboards also no problems if required.

Grahams estimate £100 - £150 sounds spot on ! Happy cooking,



Answered 5th Mar 2011

That depends on what your existing setup is. If you allready have a gas hookup & electrical cable capable of handling the power rating of the cooker in place then around £100 to £150. If not then it needs a survey & quote from both trades to assess.

Also I assume there is a space to put it allready between your worktops & a joiner doesnt need involved. If not then you need wither a joiner or a kitchen specialist company to arrange the whole job.


Graham higgs


Answered 4th Mar 2011

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