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Best method for filling floorboard gaps with pva and sawdust

I'm going to try using PVA mixed with the sanded floorboards sawdust to fill the gaps. But how neat should I be with just filling the gaps and not spilling over on to the floorboards? Will my last light sanding of the floorboards after the filler has gone off remove any spillage? What's the best way of pushing the filler into the gaps?

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Do not use PVA to fill gaps in a floor,
firstly it sets too hard and will be prone to crack
second its too thick and will be a big pain to spread
finally it can prevent the finish adhering properly or cause it to be patchy
I use a resin Product called Bona Mix and Fill (google "wood finishes direct" for a supplier).
Its really easy to apply, mix it with a fine sanding dust, spread with a large spatula, final sand the floor when dry.
They also produce a product called gap master which deals with slightly bigger gaps then the resin, it comes in a mastic type tube


Answered 18th Nov 2015

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