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Electrical safety certificates

Forgive me if this question has been asked before....

Back in 2010 I had my house rewired by an electrician. After doing the work he promised me the relevant certificates but never gave them over. I chased them up for months after but then he stopped replying to me and ignored every bit of contact I had with him.

I have now come to sell my house, accepted an offer and working through the Solicitors. I've had an information pack through from the Solicitors who have asked a few questions in regards to the electrics at my house.

Firstly they are asking if my electrics have been tested by a qualified electrician and if so for a copy of the test certificate.

Secondly, they area asking if work has been carried out since 2005. If so they want one of the following -
1 - A copy of the signed BS7671 Electrical Safety Report.
2 - The installers Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.
3 - The Building Control Completion Certificate.

I am having the electrics tested in the coming days and will be provided with an Electrical Installation Condition Report and I'm sure this will satisfy the first request in regards to having the electrics tested.

However, since the electrician who completed the work has not been forthcoming with any documentation, how will I go about getting one of the three required documents?

I have checked NAPIT, NICEIC and ELECSA but checking his name does not show he is registered with those. I have checked his company on the internet and it shows as being dissolved in 2013.

Im at a loss now as to what to do, any help would be very much appreciated.

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No 1 on your list sounds like an EICR (electrical installation condition report).
If you confirm this to be so you can commission a registered electrician to do this for you. If you lay out your problem to building control some building control offices will accept this and issue a compliance certificate (No 2 on your list).


Answered 17th Nov 2015

Hi, as the installation was installed by another contractor or person, it is unlikely for another electrician to issue a electrical installation certificate. However what can be done is for you to have a electrical installation condition report which will determine if your installation is safe for continued use. If you contact your local authority, in some cases they will accept this and notify building control.


Answered 29th Mar 2017

Your first port of call is to get a qualified and part P registered electrician to do a electrical condition report on the property. Once this is done contact building control and normally they will notify building control.

Thanks Electec


Answered 24th May 2017

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