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Painting over oil based paint with water based paint. help!!

I am wanting to paint radiators and wood work with a water based satin finish. However an oil based undercoat has been used to cover what was already there. I now realise I cannot use a water based paint on top of this. How can I easily and straightforwardly rectify this without it costing me too much? Unfortunately the colour choice in oil based paint is very limited other wise it wouldnt be problem!

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You don't have a problem just give the rads and woodwork 2 or 3 coats of your water based finish.

Answered 16th Nov 2015

Proctor Decorating

Member since 6 Mar 2011

Lightly sand the surface to be painted so the waterbased paint has something a little better to adhere to then coat 2 coats on the top for a perfect finish. What you want to try to get to is sanding off the surface so it's not shiny

Answered 18th Nov 2015

Atshaw Ltd

Member since 9 Nov 2015

you have to give the substrate your working with a good key so the water based paint you using will adhere to. You can use a water based Dulux ultra grip primer 2 part system which is designed to provide a key on difficult surfaces.

Answered 21st Nov 2016

R J Maintenance

Member since 18 Nov 2016

When putting water based paint over oil based paints, you must sand and key the surface really, really well. Also use a good water based undercoat with good adhesion. Then go over the top with one or two coats of your desired water based top coat.

Failing to give a GOOD keyed and adhesion surface will result in the top coat failing/cracking/peeling etc.

Answered 23rd Nov 2015

Transforming Spaces

Member since 18 Feb 2015


It is a common mistake but I have a solution for you.

Lightly sand down the radiator and woodwork so the water based can stick a bit better.

You will have to give it 2 coats to act like a undercoat but once applied will look just as good as doing with undercoat and then finishing with gloss.

Buchanan Decorators

Answered 14th Jun 2017

Buchanan Decorators

Member since 19 Apr 2017

This is not a major problem, sand the wood work and then apply an aycrlic premier before two of your top coats. I would not recommend a water base paint for radiators,it's always better to use an oil base for radiators. Also make sure the radiator is off before you paint it, otherwise it will turn white paint yellow'ish

Answered 29th Sep 2017

GC Decor

Member since 9 Aug 2017

This is not a major problem sand the woodwork down getting a good keyed surface then apply a coat of acrylic undercoat then once that's dry apply the satinwood

Answered 28th Jul 2017

AJM Decorating specialists

Member since 2 Jan 2017

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