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Cement asbestos sheets in extension...what do i do

Just seen the survey on a property I'm proposing to buy, and it notes that some of the walls on the extension are lined with cement asbestos sheets. To me the idea of asbestos is scary, but wondered if somebody could advise where to start on removing and possibly re-building the extension. Any advise would be grateful as I don't want to walk in to something that will cost me a fortune to fix!

Thank you, Mez

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Hi Mez,

See HSE Guidance Document a14 - removing asbestos cement sheets etc. Depending on type and scale, it may or may not be removed by a competent person, subject to control, and may not need to be by a licensed contractor. It can often be disposed of at your local authority waste facility as long as it's double bagged, properly marked as asbestos etc.

In any case, do not disturb or mess with it unless you are competent. If you employ someone who says they are competent the onus is on you to verify that competence.

If you buy the property and then let it, you will have a 'duty to manage' under the Control of Asbestos Regs 2012. If you have any construction work done at all, there are also various regs that govern this area. Ultimately, it's about giving the right people, the right information, at the right time; to reduce or remove risks; so far as reasonably forseeable.

So, take proper steps to identify the type, extent and risks associated with the asbestos. Then decide how to progress, which may mean leave it alone or remove safely.

Hope that helps, thanks, Jason.


Answered 15th Nov 2015

Hi Mez
Firstly don't panic but most of all do not start any work until an asbestos survey has confimed that asbestos is present, if it is found to have it the it has to be taken down and removed from site by a licensed contractor and full records kept for a min 40 years. if you or a non licenced contactor removes it then you a braking the law.
it can be expencive to remove but shop around and only use accredited contractors.
good luck


Answered 15th Nov 2015

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