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Storage heater smell

Hello, i wanted to ask about smell what comes from new storage heater. I was reading a lot and was told that it will have a smell for the first few days. This is day 4 and the smell is still there. Window is open all the time. As soon as i close it smell is stronger. Sleeping in that bedroom is impossible and i have a small baby. I wanted to know how long time this could take coz its getting cold outside and i can't afford to keep window open all the time. Also is that smell dangerous to our health?

Thank you very much

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

Put heater on maximum and it should go after a few days. Its only a starch like you use when ironing shirts. Not harmful.


Answered 16th Nov 2015

My guess is it should be fine as long as it's not a fishy smell I would call back who ever installed it to ask them or try ringing the manufacturer of the storage heater


Answered 27th Feb 2017

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