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How can you tell if a wall is load bearing?

Looking to have an interior wall removed but not sure if its load bearing or not. How do you tell if a wall is load bearing?

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A false wall is a hollow wall when knocking on. A load bearing wall is a solid stone, brick constructed wall when knocking on.if build is a timber frame build check out what it could be holding above as it may to be a load bearing support wall. This is still a easy job to do either type of build. A load bearing wall can still be removed but the ceiling will have to be supported by a solid beam to take the weight above. Dont get blagged into it being a expensive job as you only have to support the load bearing area whilst you remove wall and to fit a support beam of steel construction best across the load bearing area. Max 1 days work.2 if there milking the job. hope this helps.


Answered 15th Nov 2015

Hi even though you may have a timber framed wall never assume that its non load bearing whole houses are made of timber with no bricks involved with the structure you will need to look above the wall and see if it is supporting anything above get a builder into check it out be safe and side on caution you only need to be wrong once and it could cost you thousands of pounds and cause injury to yourself and your family


Answered 14th Nov 2015

Hi Tom
You don't say where in uk you are, I'm in Glasgow and often apply for permission for such works
What construction is the wall?
You will have to check whether the wall continues up and has a wall above
Or if the joists run at right angles
to the wall and rest on it


Answered 14th Nov 2015

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