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Regarding main drains

I have a conservatory , which will be knocked down to build a new kitchen , my main drains will remain in the kitchen as I am unable to remove it because the drains of the whole street will have to be removed, anyway I've been told by an architect that's u can cover that with some board , put screws on all corners, but my question is where would I put the sink as my kitchen window will be on opposite side of sink and I have no drains outside of my house

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Sorry your description of your fault is not that clear? If you have a mains drain serving your property or an adopted sewer which belongs to an authority then this will already or should have a build over application/permission in place to allow your conservatory to be over it?????? if it doesnt then it is breaking regulations anyway. If your manhole is internal then placing just board over it is not enough to seal this from flooding or venting. get a CCTV survey and maybe a quote for installing a sealed manhole im here if you need me


Answered 12th Nov 2015

I would have your drains CCTV survey before build and after. This covers you so if drains has slight imperfections you having build can't be blamed for have it cctv after build shows drains are free of damage after build. So many people fail to do this and should you have no proof of condition of drains you then will become liable for repairs should drains have a issue later along the way. if drain is shared it is not your responsibility for any repairs carried out if needed before build. As for sink its not a problem you can have a sealed internal gully for kitchen waste along with sealed manhole. I have over 24 years exp in drains and ground works etc. I hope this helps you.


Answered 13th Nov 2015

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