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Wall mount tv corner

Is it possible to mount a tv in the corner of a room?

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Yes it is possible, all you need is a to corner tv bracket which can be found on eBay.
Kind regards Colin James


Answered 9th Nov 2015

Yes if you obtain a suitable bracket.
However you should consider:

1)The weight of the TV and the correct size of mounting screws or expanding bolts. Heavy duty types are probably required - the bracket instructions should provide this information.
2) The structure of the wall. The mounting screws or bolts need to enter the masonry(much deeper than the plaster) to an appropriate depth (for strength).
3) Ideally the socket serving the TV should also be close to the bracket(for safety and aesthetics reasons) and ideally at a height between 450mm to 1200mm. This is because you should avoid having a long trailing lead that you could accidently tug etc.
4) Finally, the location needs to be suitable. Do not place the heat generating device(TV) too close to clothing etc. Also avoid close proximity to a window that may be opened letting in driving rain - common sense really!
I hope this helps?


Answered 2nd Feb 2016

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