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Decorative socket and appliances


This is a strange one.

We have just had a new kitchen and appliances fitted. All appliances were working fine but since changing the socket that the freezer was on to a decorative one, it has developed a fault. It still runs, but the overheating light is coming on to indicate that it cant get cold enough and obviously the contents of the freezer have defrosted. My question is - can a different socket affect the way an appliance works? In my limited knowledge I cant think of why it would, but the fact that since changing the socket the fault has developed has made me wonder.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

IF the new decorative socket has been wired correctly it is unlikely to be causing the problem with the fridge not working correctly.

Try plugging the fridge into a different socket to eliminate the potentially faulty socket.

If the problem persists then try contacting the fridge supplier (if it's still under warranty) if not you could contact the manufacturer of the fridge for advise.

A local appliance repair engineer may also me able to help with diagnosing the fault with the fridge.

Hope this helps!


Answered 9th Nov 2015

I've had a few suspect sockets in the last couple of months, suspect they may have been not be up to standard some of them you can hear buzzing. If possible reconnect the old socket or one you know works. If problem goes away - socket is faulty. If not fridge has a problem, which should be dealt with under warranty.


Answered 12th Nov 2015

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