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5 amp fused spur

I have a 5 amp fused spur a previous owner installed in my house. The spur was for work that wasn't undertaken. The spur is currently switched off with the fuse removed, but the cable is attached in the unit. The other end of the cable from the spur is not attached to anything. I may use this in the future, however, I would just like some advise. I am 99% certain this is fine as it is. The 1% of me would like to know if I should disconnect the spur cable from the spur until needed.

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it is always best to remove the wire until you decide when it is to be reconnected. i never leave wires in any spur even if the fuse has be removed



Answered 5th Nov 2015

The safe way is to connect all unused conductors to earth. In this case to the earth terminal in back of the spur.


Answered 12th Nov 2015

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