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Non-combi boiler and timer switch

I have a non-combi boiler and a hot water tank in the airing cupboard. The boiler timer has been replaced but it doesn't have separate HW and CH controls. The first time it was fitted, it only switched on the CH but not the HW. The builder came back to fix it but now it only works the HW and not the CH! He seems to think it's not the timer, and if he can get it working all I need to do if I only want HW is to switch off the thermostat and radiators. Is that right?

How does a system like mine heat the radiators, because I swear the hot water tank didn't feel warm when the heating was working but not the HW, but I might be wrong about that.

Update 30/11/15 - just to say thanks for taking the time to respond. I wasn't quite right in describing him as a builder, he's more of an all-round tradesman with good knowledge of electrics and gets his work checked by a part P registered electrician. He brought in someone to help with the timer and they did replace it with a dual channel timer. (Unfortunately it appears to have a faulty display, but at least it controls both the HW and CH!)

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My advice would be to call in an electrian who has the experaince to wire in heating systems or and an heating engineer with electrical knowledge. certainly not a builder DAVE


Answered 5th Nov 2015

I agree with both answers above but it does all depend on what controls, motor valves, pumps etc you have fitted. A two channel programmer can only control what is in place. An older system may have worked on HW gravity and the correct controls may never have been installed


Answered 8th Nov 2015

You would need a 2 channel programmer to control your system. It should have heating and hot water written on it. But depending on how old the system is as well, under part L building regs it needs to be 2 channel so the times can be set individually.


Answered 6th Nov 2015

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