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Fuse does not shutdown in time


I had 2 incidents in my new-built home where 2 bulbs blew up before the fuse shutdown the circuit.

2 chandeliers just broke because 1 lamp on each of them just explodes on normal operation. That is, when I turn on.
The fuse shutdown, however after the chandeliers broke, so it doesn't protect the gadgets on the circuit whereas this is what the fuses for, are these not? I can report 2 findings in addition that

1) The bulps give very very dim light even when the switch is off
2) The bulps break more frequent than what is written in the specifications

Do you think if there might be an issue on the circuit the general wiring(insulation, grounding etc.)

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I take it the lamps you are talking of are LED lamps. some of these lamps are so sensitive that even when the lights switched off they can still give off a feint glow and I believe this is because they are generating low light level from an electrical field given off from the local wiring.
I have had issues in the past where LED lamps have gone bang and in doing so took out all the lamps on that switch but my supplier appears to have resolved that issue.
If you are concerned then you should call a registered electrician to test the circuit for you. (Insulation and loop impedance tests)


Answered 4th Nov 2015

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