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Should this wiring be further inside the wall?

Having regular 3 bed house rewired. This is a photo of a hole the electrician made at the top of the stairs to get the cables to the top floor:

I am just wondering if this cabling should be recessed a little further inside the wall?

As it is right now the cabling is practically flush with the outside of the wall so I am not sure how I am meant to fix this wall since there is not enough space for the plasterer to fit a small piece of plasterboard.

Does this look right to you? Electrician said it was done that way since there is a joist there. Should he have put the cabling behind the joist, or cut a small piece of the joist out to allow the cabling to be pushed in a little further?

Thanks for your advice.

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Its not a regulation issue but ideally for you the cables should be deep enough to cover as you mention with a piece of plasterboard. The picture is not clear enough to see if its suitable to cut into the timber behind. Recommend you call a joiner/builder to advise on whether to cut into the timber to set the cables deeper.


Answered 31st Oct 2015

That is rough as hell, it also doesn't look like it's in a safe wiring zone, and yes, it should be deeper into the wall and it's down to laziness that it isn't.


Answered 16th Nov 2015

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