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Charged extra £4000 for overhand bricklaying and for disruptive neighbours

I received an invoice for £4000 for overhand bricklaying and for disruptive neighbours over the course of 8 weeks, this charge includes extra labour but by my calculation it only took him an extra three days work. The builder didn't ask our consent and at the time our solicitor was handling the case with next door, he basically started work building overhand once they reached as far as they could from the first floor level. Our neighbour has been disruptive not allowing them access and we are being charged for there behaviour. It's not in the qoute and it's not in the payment schedule.

I'm not happy as he said from the start that he can sort the neighbours and all will be well and not to worry. I didn't agree to any costs for him to work this way.

Where do I stand?


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I am A REAL BUILDER with over 25 years in the trade and from three generations of builders, and i find it sad that there are so many light weight so called builders on this site, that are only to quick not only to stick the knife into other builders, but also give it one almighty twist!!

Any decent builder with any experience will know that there is TWO sides to any story.
If you are this quick to kick down your fellow colleagues then watch your back.
From my experience these are the guys to watch out for, judgement & mediation take much more effort than a knee-jerk reaction to a simple comment posted on this site.

best Regards Chris

Answered 15th Oct 2011


Member since 7 Dec 2009

If your builder gave you a fixed price, he cant charge an extra 4k.
Thats his mistake, dont pay it.

Answered 21st Sep 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

In my opinion,a good builder would never produce an unexpected bill of this size.It is common practice that if something unexpected comes up during a job,a price is agreed between builder and client before any "EXTRAS" are begun.i wouldnt mind betting that the original quote was one of the cheapest and that it was decided,before work had even started,that you were always going to get this bill.its up to you as to whether you pay it or not but personally,if i tried this kind of thing,i wouldnt expect to receive the money or any future recommendations!

Answered 23rd Sep 2011

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Any bricklayer worth his salt can wall bricks overhand why would he want extra

Answered 16th Mar 2012

john quinan

Member since 13 Mar 2012

If the builder made no mention of any extra charge at the time, he has not got a leg to stand on. He may well have incurred additional costs because of your neighbour's behaviour, but he should then have reserved the right, in writing, to charge a proportionate sum to cover this. A quotation is a quotation, and cannot be varied unilaterally on a whim.

Rupert Burrows

Answered 21st Sep 2011

Rupert Burrows Design Contracts

Member since 16 Nov 2008

sounds more like under hand than over hand

Answered 30th Oct 2011

mike franks building and landscaping services

Member since 23 Sep 2011

4 k for overhand bricklaying. I would honour my price as it wouldn't take much longer. Joint up as you go and a few extra checks with the level. That's all that's required.
Solid building services

Answered 21st Feb 2013

Solid building services

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To work overhand should be charged no more than 20% of original quote, all extra should be agreed before started . If your builders genuine I'm sure they would come to some agreement with you it's more about what's fair and it doesnt seem 4k is very fair

Answered 21st Sep 2011

d fearon bricklaying contractor

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Its not really fair to just do the work and then hand you an invoice for that amount without discussing it first and amending the contract for work. £4000 is a lot of money and should have been agreed first.

I can understand from the builders point of view as overhand bricklaying is awkward and disruptive neighbours are just as difficult but it should have been agreed between builder and client which way forward was the best for everyone.

I think you should have a chat with your builder as its a case of crossed wires. He should have said about the extra cost but you should have stopped him going ahead with the extra work without knowing the cost implications!!


Answered 21st Sep 2011

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

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Unless you agreed to the extras, dont pay a penny more than was agreed. I would never charge a customer extra unless it was agreed beforehand.

Answered 1st Oct 2011

LJS Building & Property Services Ltd

Member since 29 Sep 2010

Dont hand over....

Answered 6th Nov 2011


Member since 23 Jul 2009

Hi my name is John from astonishing property maintenance.overhand bricklaying is not only slow but to get the desired effect i.e. No hatching smiling grinning etc is along process let alone good quality pointing as well. I simpathise with the bricklayers in question but four thousand seems a bit steep. My personal opinion is that good communication between the customer and the builder could of prevented this situation. As to where you stand I have to be honest if the builder has not brought the extra work to your attention and no price has been agreed and on contract then it is down to yourself if you are willing to pay these extra labour costs.

Answered 14th Jul 2017


Member since 6 Mar 2017

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