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First stages of an extension

Hi, i have never arranged an extension before and would like to know the stages i need to follow? Do i get a builder around first or get an architect to make the plans etc and then get a builder? Or do i speak to the local council first???? Just would like to get the ball rolling so i can see whether i should extend or look to move etc. I looking to do a 3m extension on the back and a loft extention.

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With doing works like this you need to be considering the following;
1. Do I need Planning permission or will the works fall under permitted development rights.
2. Structural engineering design.
3. Do I need party wall agreements with the neighbours.
4. Building regulation sign off.

When doing a small extension the items above if handled correctly can all be small steps that need sorting out to allow you to build successfully.

It sounds like you may be doing works that fall under permitted development rights. This means you may not need to apply for planning permission. If this is the case it is still wise to submit a drawing to the council to get a Certificate to say that your works do fall under Permitted development rights and have been done legally. There are certain rules that need to be followed, which you can check online. So you either need a builder who can do these drawings and specify your job with you or get someone like an architect to do this.
With a project of this kind you will need to get Building regulations approval and any good builder can do the works under a building notice and get the local council to sign off the works as they are done. You do need a structural engineer to design the foundations and beams etc.
Quite often when doing a loft or extension, works will require party wall agreements with the neighbours who may be affected by the works.
So either the right builder or an architect / architectural designer to start with.


Answered 26th Oct 2015


You will need to prepare the plans of the extension to start with. Once they are done, you will need to submit it for planning approval. In your case as it is a 3m extension, you may not need planning approval but will need to apply for Permitted Development to obtain certificate of lawful development.

Once this is done, you will need to get structural calculations and building control approval in order to get the builder on board. Hope it helps.


Answered 26th Oct 2015

Also to the above answers have you had drains checked,located its no good anyone assuming there here and plans show them here. WRONG. I come across this time n time again were builders etc forget this. Plans are never 100%. A drain company like myself or some one else for the cost of between £200/£300 can make sure all is okay before any work begins. Alan @ Jetflow drains


Answered 27th Oct 2015

Get an architect who's willing to summit the plans you require to the relevant councils and building a little more that way but piece of mind is better than talking to councils n building control about stuff you have very little knowledge about is stressful enough


Answered 31st Oct 2015

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