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Has this been done badly? does it matter?

thank you for your considered responses + for your time. this is really informative. i forgot to mention that the flat is rented out. i don't know if this makes a difference in terms of safety glass for the large bathroom mirrors?

delighted that i can benefit from a number of opinions with no vested interest!

i had renovation + refurb work done through this site 2 years ago. i think it looks excellent + i have been very happy. recently a new builder (also from this site) has been at the property for a small job + has raised concern at the project. the tiles in the bathroom have not been laid on marine ply + he believes that the large mirrors are not of safety glass (is this illegal?) how do i check this? does it matter if i'm happy or are there implications?
i have a contract with the original builder + we are on good terms. should i appoint an inspector/surveyor to assess the whole job? help please...

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Sounds like a typical builder slagging off another builder.
The tiles don't have to be laid on marine ply in a standard bathroom
Exterior grade ply is more than suitable as long as it's well fixed and primed
And the correct adhesive and grout used.
As far as the mirrors go I am not aware of any regs to say mirrors have to be made from safety glass.
As long as they're well fixed why would they need to be.
Can't stand it when other people stick there noses where it doesn't belong
If he's there doing a job he's should be concentrating on his job not commenting on other peoples work to make his self look more knowledgeable.
If your happy with the work and it,s to a high standard and it sounds like you've had no problems in 2 years since it was completed.
I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Answered 21st Sep 2011

as far as i know wall tiles do not have to be laid on marine ply,we usually dry line the walls with moisture resistant plasterboards,and if the floor is being tiled we ply board the floor with a suitable thickness of ply,we have done hundreds of bathrooms in this way without any problems and is also approved in local council schedules,The mirrors should have a kite or b.s. number if safety glass,if you want total peace of mind hire a surveyor


Answered 21st Sep 2011


If I was you, I would not worry especially if you are happy with it. I doubt very much that the mirrors are illegal, even if they are not safety glass. They wouldn't be able to supply them. Tiles are usually laid on marine or wbp ply (external ply).


Answered 23rd Sep 2011

In regard to tiling, you can tile onto Ply Board, Plasterboard, Skimmed wall has long as the surface is PVA first. This all good Plumbers will do and if they had not, the tiles would be falling of your wall or floor by now.

There is no regulation on Mirrors in Bathrooms and I would assume that you purchsased mirror and he fitted what you bought, as long has it feels solidly fixed to wall.

I personally think that the new builder is scare mongering and I would take no notice, this is common with Trades People to try and rubbish other peoples work, to make them sound better. I get it from other Plumbers and I take no notice.

Hope this helps,

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Answered 21st Sep 2011

as all of above think this builder id obviously scare mongering as far as i know most mirrors are backed so if cracked it stays in same place and all saftey glass mirrors are, are mirrors with a film coating on back to prevent falling shards most mirrors of a large size have this so i wouldnt worry.


Answered 19th Oct 2011

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