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Cooker stopped working

My cooker stopped working and when checked the fuse in the fuse plate had meted the plastic surrounding does anyone know will this be my cooker or the wiring?

Can't find how to reply.. thank you for your answer it was changed not even a month ago because the same thing happened.. also since I have moved in my microwave over heats and cuts off could it be the wiring in the flat or just the appliances?

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Not sure of the type of fuse you are talking about but if a smaller type oven you could mean a 13A fuse in a fused spur. Its probably a worn fused spur that's caused the fitting to overheat and if so the problem will be sorted out by simply replacing the fitting.
EDIT. The fuse was changed or the fitting was changed?
The wiring can't cause your microwave to overheat.
Make sure your oven is sub 3kw max load if not tht will cause the fuse to overheat.
If in any doubt at all call an electrician to check it out.


Answered 26th Oct 2015

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