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Fence posts on boundary line

My neighbour has erected a new fence and the fence posts are EXACTLY on the boundary line immediately next to the original concrete boundary markers ( he has removed the connecting wire which was threaded through the markers). The "good smooth" side of the fence faces his side. Can I use the new fence posts (which are now partly inside my boundary) to fix my own fence panels to cover up both the posts and the "bad" side of the fence?

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Yes the best option is to ask the neighbour, if he is responsible for that particular boundary you cant interfere with his property. I know there are always issues with having the bad fence side but I think you'd get used to it.
You could run your own fence along the same length as last resort.
please be aware as well if you stain yourside of the fence in the future and use different colour than the neighbour it doesnt run down their side, it always causes friction.



Answered 29th Dec 2015

I can't see there being a problem, just ask your neighbour first to make sure they don't mind.


Answered 29th Nov 2015

You shouldn't have any issues with the neighbour although it's always best to discuss with them first. another idea and at a cheaper cost to yourself would be to attach a decorative trellis.


Answered 6th Mar 2018

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