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Oven rated at 16a, what fuse to fit in plug?

We were getting 2 ovens which were both rated at 16 amps, but we had only received one of them. The wire with the oven seemed to be configured to be attached to a plug so an electrician fitted a plug to it and wired 2 sockets which he put behind the units where the ovens were to go. We have now received the 2nd oven which has the same wire but don't know what rating of fuse to put in the plug. The installation instructions advise "Connect using at least a 16 A plug or protect with a 16 A fuse" but we can't see anything above 13 A available.
Can anyone advise?

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Hi, A standard plug is only rated at 13amps. If it has a high kW rating It would need to be hard wired. Using the calculation 230 volts x 13 amps would give you roughly 3000kW if the oven is rated at this or less a standard plug would surfice. Hope this helps.


Answered 24th Oct 2015

The instructions given by the manufacturer imply the requirement for a dedicated supply protected by a 16A fuse at the source of supply. Also should be hard wired.
Did you use an electrician(if so was he registered)


Answered 24th Oct 2015

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