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Front door won't open

Hi I was locking my front door it locked but then I heard something snap now the key turns but the door won't open can anyone help please ?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Locksmiths

Hi is the door wood or upvc ?
If it's upvc the mechanism may have failed .
If it's a wooden door the lock has worn and needs replacement
You will need to call a locksmith who will be able to sort either issue for you


Answered 24th Oct 2015

I hope this is not too late. It sounds as if the lock has failed and a new one is required. A good repair company will be able to fix it without too much trouble, but will need to see it first or at least get more information.
Give me a call and we can discuss further.
Kembery glazing repairs.


Answered 31st Oct 2015

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