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Domino hob keeps tripping circuit

Hoping someone can help me as somebody who doesn't know very much at all about electrical matters.

I have a flat arranged as three bedsits. Each bedsit has a domino hob (the type with two hobs that has an ordinary 3-pin plug).

This works fine except for one unit that tends to trip the circuit its on when both hobs are turned on. The one that doesn't work is rated at 3.5kW and I think all of them are so rated.

Now my question is, to prevent the tripping do I need to simply replace the faulty unit, or could there be something more difficult involved as there might be too much "strain" (don't know the proper terms) on the whole system? And if I haven't provided enough information, what else would I need to find out to get this sorted?

Thanks in advance and apologies for my ignorance, sam

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Instruct a registered spark to assess the configuration of your circuits and calculate loadings for each circuit. Insulation tests on appliances to rule out faulty appliances being an issue.
What you have not said is is this a new installation that is not operating as it should from the beginning or has it been operating fine and developed an issue?
3.5kw for a domestic cooking appliance should be fine on a 13A plug as using standard diversity calculates to 11.5A


Answered 20th Oct 2015

Each 3.5Kw hob is drawing up to approx 15Amps. Check the rating of the circuit that is tripping, there should be a number on the MCB measured in Amps. If you have two hobs your probabley drawing too much current (Amps) for that circuit.
Each Kw is approx 4Amps


Answered 20th Oct 2015

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