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Can a wood floor be fitted beneath skirting boards without removing them?

We are planning to fit engineered wooden floor in our bedrooms. Now there is carpet. The house is a victorian terrace. How difficult will be to fit wooden floor under the skirting board without remove it? And in case we need to remove it how difficult and disruptive would be the job? Just asking because I am decorating my son bedroom :)

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Hi its possible to use a Multi tool cutter to cut the bottom of the skirting to the height of the new flooring and then the new flooring can be laid under the skirting board that is now shorter.Not for the amateur but can be done so no quadrant and skirting stays in place Dave


Answered 27th Oct 2015

there are ways around this on 3 walls but the final wall would have to have the skirt lifted or quadrant, i lay many like this, it dose take longer but a fined a better finnish, to remove the skirt is more than likley to brake so quadrant is probalby best bet


Answered 24th Oct 2015

yes you can undercut the skirting to allow the flooring to sit under but and this is a big but, do you know what is behind them eg wires gas or water pipes etc.
this can be very tricky but it is possible .
you could always use a white scotia and then overpaint it when you gloss the skirtings so that it looks like the skierts are over the floor.


Answered 4th Nov 2015

Hi there, in response to your question about the wooden flooring.
It would be extremely difficult get the board under the skirting board especially when once you've layed most of it and are down to the last row they will need to be tightly installed. (if that makes sense). They're are 2 options you have.
Option 1:Take off all skirting board and most probably have to replace most of it and then paint the new
Option 2:You can buy quadrant to sit on the edges that will match your flooring which is what 9-10 people would do.
Skirting board is a tricky job, even for the most experienced, If I were you, save yourself the hassle and go with option 2.
I hope that helped, Aaron


Answered 19th Oct 2015

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