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Cooker and boiler joint wiring

Hi - I have a electric cooker that needs replacing, however the cooker and gas boiler are wired to the same switch on the wall. If you switch the oven off at the switch, the boiler gets switched off also. The fitters wont touch this connection as they say it should have separate wiring for the boiler and for the cooker. Is this illegal? I am in rented property and my landlord is not very helpful so I may have to arrange myself. Thanks

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Ok that's an odd set up going on. The regulations when the house may have been built would have been very different to what they are today. It sounds to me as though the builder/electrician at the time was cutting corners.
your house (if it isn't a new build) unfortunately doesn't need to meet upto todays regulations which would not allow such a connection. unless it is deemed as unsafe it should be fine. But I would recommend you do have a Part P qualified electrician come in and have a look. On the upside to this he will fix the problem and all will be great. On the downside you may have a consumer unit that does not have whats called an RCD. If you don't have an RCD then the electrician will have to install a new consumer unit to proceed with the work in which you originally wanted doing. That costs around £300-£400. I hope this helped



Answered 19th Oct 2015

yes , you do need a fuse spur connected to the kitchen ring.


Answered 24th Aug 2016

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