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Moving manhole for extension


I want to purchase a property and extend it. However right by the back garden door there is a manhole. I lifted it an it looks completely blocked. The owner tells me that the pipes go to the next property however on the water report it shows the main sewage pipe to be at the back of the garden. Can a manhole be moved and if so what happens to the old manhole?


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Hi yes drains can be diverted round the new build you are going to have done. First of all I would recommend the drain to be unblocked.have a drain CCTV survey of the drains to see of there condition. If they are damaged this costing can be arranged on the purchase price of property before making a offer. The manhole can be removed and backfilled & a futher manhole can be placed elsewhere. Hope this helps thanks Alan @ Jetflow drains Lancaster n Morecambe area.


Answered 18th Oct 2015

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