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I have just recieved planning permission for a double story side and single story back extention with a number of internal changes. My builder has asked me to provide a Builders Drawing. Can you tell me what a builders drawing is and how i go about getting one. My architech who submitted and got me the planning permission does not do these drawings


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Basically it's a drawing, or drawings, showing exact dimensional details. For instance, the Architects drawings may show ground level, ff level, ridge height etc, but the Builders drawing would ideally show ground level, dpm level, slab levels with insulation etc, thresholds, first floor joist levels, exact dimensions / distances for window apertures, what size / style of cills etc etc. This is like a step by step building plan for the Builder, to allow for everything to be built properly. You could say it's like the Haynes Manual!

A competent local Architectural Technician could do this for you. It may also prove beneficial to you to be clear on specification of all materials, because some are better than others!

Hope that helps, thanks, Jason.


Answered 15th Oct 2015

It is basically the detail drawings for the construction of the building, showing thermal elements, etc. You may also need structural calculations for any proposed steels, etc....these are then submitted to building control prior to starting the build...


Answered 20th Nov 2015

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