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Moving a bathroom from downstairs to upstairs?

We currently have a bathroom and separate WC downstairs and we'd like to move them upstairs into one room. The room we'd like to use is above the current toilet - so would the sewage pipe be in the right place to do this? What other factors do we need to take into consideration? E.g. the combi-boiler is downstairs, so will we need a pump for a shower upstairs?

Also, if anyone can give us a very rough ballpark idea of how big a job this is, time and money-wise, that'd be great!


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It really is a piece of string question. It could cost you anything from £3k to £10k... depends how much you want to spend on the fixtures and fittings... labour will always be about the same. Don't forget to consider the cost of
refurbishing the old WC and toilet once you have moved them.


Answered 24th Sep 2011

no problem moving bathroom upstairs if soil pipe is right there as for the shower if on a combi boiler thats pefect mains fed hot and cold. As for quoting without actually seeing the job and knowing what you intend to fit in the way of fixtures and tiles there no way of knowing the cost and to quote it would have to be done threw the site.


Answered 26th Sep 2011

hi,if your proposed bathroom is going to be fitted in the room above the soil pipe is more than likely to be in the right place,you would not need a pump to operate your new shower with a combi,this is just a question and answer session,we are not allowed to give quotes for the work,unless you contacted us through my


Answered 21st Sep 2011

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